[Consumer Council] Announced the test of 40 baby body moisturizers

For long time we have been mentioning we have found that most of baby products on the market have contains ingredients that may be irritants that are not suitable for babies’ delicate and sensitive skin. Today, the Consumer Council announced the results of testing 40 baby body moisturizers, and that proves what we always talking about.

The following are the findings of this research: The test results published by the Consumer Council today (September 15, 2021) found that out of 40 samples of infant moisturizers, as many as 22 samples were found to have fragrance allergens, among which fragrance allergens were advertised as natural, suitable and sensitive skin. Aveeno Baby’s “Baby Lavender Soothing Moisturizer” was tested to contain the EU banned fragrance HICC. The total amount of fragrance allergens is among the highest, but the relevant ingredients are not listed in the ingredient table. Above, the total score is only 2.5 stars, which is the lowest score in each test sample.

The 40 samples tested by the Consumer Council this time are mainly body lotions or creams for infants and young children, 15 of which claim to be applied to the face and body at the same time. The investigation found that 22 samples were found to have allergens in fragrances, accounting for 55% of the total, ranging from 0.0018% to the highest of about 0.45%. Among the many samples, 13 models including Noodle & Boo, Fun Le, RICO Baby, CALIFORNIA BABY, Hug, aleva Naturals, Bobao, Mustela, erbaviva, puracy, BURT’S BEES BABY, BABY Magic and Aveeno Baby Lavender Soothing Moisturizer, etc.

None of the ingredients are listed in the ingredient list of all fragrance allergens with a concentration of more than 0.001%; ​​and Aveeno Baby’s samples were found to contain HICC, which is banned in cosmetics by the European Union. In addition to Aveeno Baby, Jack N’JILL, CALIFORNIA BABY, GAIA, ecostore, Shiba, Oilatum also detected a relatively high total amount of spice allergens, ranging from about 0.13% to 0.4%.

The Consumer Council appealed infants and young children who are particularly sensitive to fragrance ingredients should avoid using it. In addition, ecostore, Shiba, Oilatum and Aveeno Baby have been tested for higher levels of benzyl alcohol, ranging from 0.32% to 0.42%. Among them, OIlatum’s packaging is marked as “No fragrance”. For more details, please refer to the following video taken by the Consumer Council:

【消委會】有關測試40款嬰幼兒身體潤膚乳 - 關心妍 X 嬰幼兒身體潤膚乳安全大比拼

We often remind customers that when choosing baby products, they must pay close attention to the ingredients list of the products. Be a smarter parent. The Consumer Council also mentioned in the video that when choosing baby skin care products, they must pay special attention to whether the products contain the following fragrances, sensitive irritants and chemical substances:

In order to protect the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin, as a parent, you must be a little smarter and focus on details. When choosing skin care products for your baby, don’t trust solely the product advertised. You should pay close attention to the full ingredient list of the product. All Grahams Natural products are Clearly list the full ingredients list. Customers can see the full ingredient list of the product on the product packaging or on each product page of my official website. We sincerely hope that parents will choose the best products for their babies, take good care of their skin, and from now on, choose the best products for their babies!

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