Natural Skin Lover 會員登記表格 Member Registration Form


Natural Skin Lover 會員登記表格
Member Registration Form

歡迎申請成為Grahams Natural – Natural Skin Lover資訊會員,請填妥以下表格以取得有關Grahams Natural的最新優惠資訊及第一手產品資訊!

1.只適用於Grahams Natural香港。
3.Grahams Natural香港保留更改優惠或條款而不作另行通知之權利。如有任何爭議,Grahams Natural香港保留最終決定權。詳情請向Grahams Natural香港查詢。

為符合<<個人資料(私隱)條例>>,我們謹此詳細列明有關收集和使用您個人資料的政策及你可作出的選擇,致力保障你的個人資料。 本公司有意使用您的個人資料作直銷活動,包括但不限於本公司及本公司與其他公司聯合舉辦的優惠活動及產品資訊、體驗優惠、獎項及其他服務推廣等。 若閣下希望取消訂閱本公司的宣傳訊息,請電郵到grahamsnatural@JASC-hk.com通知我們。

Welcome to register as a Natural Skin Lover informative member, please fill out the form below to get our latest promotional information and first-hand new product information about Grahams Natural!

Membership & Member Offer Terms and Conditions:
1. The membership and member offers are only applicable to Grahams Natural Hong Kong.
2. Membership and benefits are not transferable to others.
3. Grahams Natural Hong Kong reserves the right to change offers or terms without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Grahams Natural Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision. For details, please contact Grahams Natural Hong Kong.

Privacy Policy:
In order to comply with the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”, we hereby inform you that we intend to use your personal data for our direct marketing activities, included but not limited to promotions, product information, testimonials, sample redemption, awards and other services which are sent by us or joint promotional partners. We will continue to use your data unless we receive your objection. To cancel the subscription of promotional materials, please inform us by email:

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