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1. 產品包裝上是否列出了所有產品成分?

是的!我們對Grahams Natural的成分及配方感到自豪,也希望與我們的客人分享這一點。由於我們的大部分的客人都擁有過敏或敏感性皮膚,我們希望您清楚地知道您所用在皮膚上的產品究竟是什麼。有些市面上的產品甚至醫藥產品實際上沒有列出所有成分,我們的產品擁有澳洲TGA第一級醫療器材認證,是國際上非常高的產品指標,我們希望與您分享我們優質產品的天然成分!


2. 我應該在如何存放Grahams Natural產品和產品有效期是多久的?


如果在沒有陽光直射 (低於攝氏30度下) 保存,所有用於成人和嬰幼兒的Grahams Natural產品的保質期為36個月。

3. 懷孕期間可以安全使用Grahams Natural嗎?


4. 我的寵物可以使用您的產品嗎?



5. 服用強效藥物時可以安全使用Grahams Natural嗎?



6. 什麼是澳洲TGA第一級醫療器材?

TGA是Therapeutic Goods Administration的縮寫,是澳洲政府的衛生署醫療機關。TGA第一級醫療器材是我們產品成分所取得的國際認可。這表示我們的所有成分都必須具有科學和臨床數據,這些數據已被證明有助於聲稱的療效。有些品牌的產品只使用一或兩種有效成分,但我們使用的是“一個團隊”的有效成分,在我們建議的正確用法下,證明產品可以發揮其聲稱的作用。這可以讓您放心地選用我們的產品,因為產品背後都有臨床實證。

7. 如果小朋友有蠶豆症G6PD何否使用你們的產品?

Grahams Natural的所品均不含蠶豆症人士需要避免的成分 (Mega Oil 綜合奧米加油除外),而且,產品已獲得香港蠶豆症兒童基金會的認證說明我們的產品可以放心讓蠶豆症人士使用。蠶豆症是本港常見的遺傳疾病,學名簡稱G6PD,是指紅血球中缺乏一種用作保護紅血球的酵素。患者若接觸到致敏原,會出現溶血情況,嚴重者或初生嬰兒很容易會有生命危險,但醫學上暫時仍未有根治蠶豆症的方法。蠶豆症患者應盡量小心避免進食或接觸某些產品,因此如濕疹患者必須小心選擇產品。


8. 我如何對您的產品發表評論?





1. Are ALL product ingredients listed on the packing?

YES! Grahams Natural takes pride in our formulations and want to share this with our customers. As many of our customers have allergies or sensitive skin, we want you know EXACTLY what you are putting on your skin. Some products on the market or even some therapeutic products actually have no requirement to list all of their ingredients, our regulations are one step above this (TGA Class I Medical Device) and we want to share these great natural ingredients with you!

2. Where should I store my Grahams Natural and do your products have an expiry date?

We recommend to store the products away in a cool place away from sunlight. All Grahams Natural products for Adults and Baby have a shelf life of 36 months if stored under 30 degrees (away from sunlight). 

3. Is Grahams Natural safe to be used during pregnancy?

Absolutely! All our products use natural ingredients. However, we always suggest that it is best to tell your doctor that you are using our brand whilst pregnant.

4. Can your products be used on my pet?

Yes absolutely! All our products use super gentle and hydrating ingredients that are safe to be used on your four legged friends!

5. Is Grahams Natural safe to be used whilst st on strong medication?

Yes absolutely! Our products are all naturally formulated with gentle and hydrating ingredients. However we always suggest that it is best to tell your doctor that you are using our brand whilst on these strong medications. 

6. What is TGA Class I Medical Device?

TGA refers to Therapeutic Goods Administration, it is the medical division of department of health of the Australian Government. Class l Medical Device is a worldwide recognition of our products ingredients. Meaning that all of the ingredients must have scientific and clinical data that is proven to assist in the management of the condition. Some brand/products use 1 or 2 active ingredients, but we use a ‘football team’ full of ingredients that all have a part to play in making a product work on the condition that we are claiming. This gives you piece of mind that the product you are using has clinical evidence behind it.

7. Is G6PD children able to apply your products?

Grahams Natural products are free from ingredients that G6PD patients needed to avoid (Exclude Mega Oil). Moreover, our products have been certified by the Hong Kong G6PD Deficiency Children's Foundation Limited, indicating that our products can be applied by G6PD patients. G6PD is a common genetic disease in Hong Kong which refers to the lack of an enzyme which is for protecting the red blood cell skin in the red blood cells. If the patient is exposed to the allergen, hemolysis will occur. In severe cases or newborn babies, cases can be life-threatening, but there is still no medical cure for G6PD until today. G6PD patients should avoid eating or touching certain ingredients/products, therefore G6PD patients with eczema must choose products carefully.

8. How do I write a review on your product?

We love to hear your feedback on our products! Which is why we have a couple of ways in which you can leave a review! 

Simply review on our Facebook page or send us email and tell us your story!

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