Natural Vegan Sunscreen for Sensitive/Eczema Skin

We all know how strong and damaging the sun can be to your skin and for those with sensitive skin choosing a sunscreen can be a daunting process. You know you need it, but what if it makes your skin worse? That is why we formulated SunClear Natural SPF 40 vegan sunscreen. Its natural ingredients make it one of the only vegan sunscreens in Australia, formulated especially for those with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema. People living with skin conditions are even more vulnerable to the sun’s damaging rays and struggle to find sunscreen products that will not clog their pores or cause a harmful reaction. Most sunscreens have chemicals and preservatives that can affect those with vulnerable skin in negative ways which is why we created our natural vegan-formulated sunscreen. We get asked all the time about the whitening effect of Zinc on the skin, and we are enthused to say that SunClear goes on the skin clear! We also have one of the best formulas on the market as we do not use water in our formulation, are preservative free, and we only use ingredients that helps to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. SunClear Natural unlike other sunscreens allows your skin to breathe and keep its moisture which is extra important to those who suffer from skin irritation. SunClear uses microfine zinc oxide with no chemical UVA / UVB and is 2 hrs water resistant so you can be in the water for up to 2 hrs and still be protected. The product can be used on both face and body, a sunscreen for the entire family of all ages and skin types, including your pets! With summer here is it extra important to protect your skin from further irritation and dryness which is why we recommend using our naturally formulated SPF 40 sunscreen. The natural vegan ingredients will keep your skin protected and hydrated so you do not have to worry about your skin conditions worsening with exposure.