YES! Grahams Natural takes pride in our formulations and want to share this with our customers. As many of our customers have allergies or sensitive skin, we want you know EXACTLY what you are putting on your skin. Some products on the market or even some therapeutic products actually have no requirement to list all of their ingredients, our regulations are one step above this (TGA Class I Medical Device) and we want to share these great natural ingredients with you!
We recommend to store the products away in a cool place away from sunlight. All Grahams Natural products for Adults and Baby have a shelf life of 36 months if stored under 30 degrees (away from sunlight).
Absolutely! All our products use natural ingredients. However, we always suggest that it is best to tell your doctor that you are using our brand whilst pregnant.
Yes absolutely! All our products use super gentle and hydrating ingredients that are safe to be used on your four legged friends!
Yes absolutely! Our products are all naturally formulated with gentle and hydrating ingredients. However we always suggest that it is best to tell your doctor that you are using our brand whilst on these strong medications.
TGA refers to Therapeutic Goods Administration, it is the medical division of department of health of the Australian Government. Class l Medical Device is a worldwide recognition of our products ingredients. Meaning that all of the ingredients must have scientific and clinical data that is proven to assist in the management of the condition. Some brand/products use 1 or 2 active ingredients, but we use a ‘football team’ full of ingredients that all have a part to play in making a product work on the condition that we are claiming. This gives you piece of mind that the product you are using has clinical evidence behind it.
Grahams Natural products are free from ingredients that G6PD patients needed to avoid. Moreover, our products have been certified by the Hong Kong G6PD Deficiency Children's Foundation Limited, indicating that our products can be applied by G6PD patients. G6PD is a common genetic disease in Hong Kong which refers to the lack of an enzyme which is for protecting the red blood cell skin in the red blood cells. If the patient is exposed to the allergen, hemolysis will occur. In severe cases or newborn babies, cases can be life-threatening, but there is still no medical cure for G6PD until today. G6PD patients should avoid eating or touching certain ingredients/products, therefore G6PD patients with eczema must choose products carefully.
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